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The daily maintenance of large displacement motorcycle

2016-07-29 13:12:41

In reverse order, and on the chain filling the right amount of lubricating oil

Motorcycle chain adjustment should be appropriate to the motorcycle chain should be adjusted periodically, in the adjustment process, it is required to maintain a good linearity and tightness. The so-called straightness is to ensure that the size of the gear plate and the chain in the same line, the only way to ensure that the chain and the chain can not wear too fast and in the drive does not cause the chain. Tightness requirements are generally see chain tightness degree of adjustment, the correct adjustment should be by hand pulling chain, the chain under the moving distance in 15mm to 20mm range as the standard. Too loose or too tight will speed up the chain and gear wear or damage.

Chain in the use process, the normal wear will make chain elongated gradually. The results chain sagged degree will gradually increase, the chain to produce pounding, chain wear increase, or even skip tooth, tooth removal phenomenon. Therefore, we should timely adjust the tightness degree: unscrew rear axle nut to special tools will support adjustment nut towards along the clockwise rotation, note on both sides should be consistent, and observe the chain tension of the degree of between 10 ~ 20mm tighten rear axle nut. When the adjusting nut rotated end tightness is still not in conformity with the provisions, that chain wear elongation has more than 3% of the original length of the chain should be removal of two sections of chain or replacement of new chain, and re regulation chain tightness to the specified level. WZ adjust the chain in addition to the chain adjustment scale, but also the use of the eye before and after the observation of the chain and the chain is in the same line. Because the frame or the rear fork suffered damage after deformation, and then according to the scale of the chain is adjusted will enter a misunderstanding, mistakenly think that chain of fluted disc in the same line, in fact linear has been destroyed, it is very important to check this found problems should be corrected immediately, remove troubles and ensure the safe without a loss.

Chain should be kept clean, and regularly to the oiling maintenance, the best use of No. 30, 40 oil, used oil gun (unconditional brush can) lubricating oil evenly distribution in the chain hinge gap and often check the lubrication effect. If the friction surface is brown or dark brown, is that the lack of fuel supply, it should be coated with oil. Such as chain on the accumulation of dust mud, sand and dirt, should be promptly cleaned with kerosene, after the wash will chain immersed in 70 to 80 DEG C in lubricating oils, chain oil immersed fully installed later on. Opening type chain clamping spring, the assembly direction must make the opening of the snap spring in the opposite direction of the chain movement, in order to prevent the card spring from being collided and fall off in the course of operation.

Often check the rear wheel fork buffer with the wheel fork, wheel fork shaft with the gap, only to maintain the rear fork and the frame of the lateral clearance with rigorous, and up and down movement of flexible. The binding site once appear Songkuang, motorcycle start or speed in the containment of the chain will produce displacement, the size of displacement by rubber buffer set the extent of the damage and, at the same time to slow down when the rear wheels are obvious swing movement, which is caused by the chain gear disc damage is one of the important reasons. On the other hand, if it is found that the chain plate, a roller, a pin shaft and other parts appear early fatigue cracks, should be promptly removed, to be replaced.

Replacement of the chain should pay attention to replace the chain of authentic accessories, must not seek cheap buy substandard goods. Sprocket nonconforming product, more eccentric roundness, once purchased replacement will find chain suddenly tight suddenly loose phenomenon; and the chain is safety, once the fracture phenomenon, affect the occupant's safety; in addition, different chain service life vary greatly.

Brake leather

The brake pads as long as the use of more than 2/3, it must be replace. Can't wait for basic polished or all the grinding end to change. The first is safe, because the brakes left 3 1, brake heat quickly they pass to the brake pads of the substrate, easy to cause the brake friction material loss, causing the accident. The second is the wear and tear on the brake disc, you know, the brake disc is very expensive, in order to save the brake pads and loss of expensive brake disc, absolutely is not worth the candle, have also, if there is a chance, conditions can change the brake hose steel will definitely enhance security, and improve brake hand feeling.

Circuit maintenance

The general circuit of the line do not mess. There is, do not just in the car to add electrical appliances, increase the burden of the car, turn lights, brake lights, such as light bulbs now have LED to sell. Can be replaced by LED. On the one hand to reduce the burden on the circuit, on the other hand, it also saves valuable power.


Water cooled car antifreeze is best to use a real thing, one is not easy to water problems, 2 is in the cold area of cylinder does not crack. If your car water tank in the water is yellow, then they would have to intensify cleaning watercourses, in particular, in auto repair shop buy special wash water tank of a powder, added to the water tank, heat discharged after, so repeated cleaning until clean, change is plant antifreeze.