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Motorcycle engine oil maintenance change you must know the common sense

2016-07-29 11:23:55

Q: what is the role of oil for the car?

Roughly speaking, the oil has the following three points required function:

1 - the engine lubricating parts functioning more quiet and smooth, reduce the friction resistance, higher efficiency.

2 cooling - take away the engine part of the heat, increase the heat dissipation area and area

3 clean - produce mechanical operation of the metal particles will be mixed in the oil. If you don't pay attention, you can cause permanent damage to the engine. So the organic oil filter button it up, reducing the chance of re running into the engine.

Q: why do you need to change the oil?

The oil play function is very important, but oil stability (viscosity) will contact with air, engine heat and pressure destroyed. Therefore, regular replacement of oil and oil filter. Let the fresh clean oil, re protection engine.

Q: when will you need to change?

This depends on the different types of cars and driving habits. The higher the speed of the engine, the oil of the higher requirements. Refer to the number of replacement in the owner's manual, then hit a thirty percent off, it should be more insurance. Generally moderate driving, about 3000-5000km will be replaced. Even if there is no traffic, the oil through the number of the moon after the moon is also likely to deteriorate. If you drive regularly, 500-1000km is close to the limit. In addition, do not think that the use of racing series oil can reduce the number of replacement. On the contrary, the product design is to seek the maximum lubrication, will put the stability in the position. More than they need to be replaced with the models of many street.

Most new join E-bike family knight, understanding of the oil only know ordinary oil (i.e., the existence of mineral oil and top oil (synthetic oil), many Knights don't quite understand oil viscosity (SAE) and wear degree (API) series.

Basic knowledge of engine oils

Component of oil

Simply put all the oil is the "base oil" mixed "additive" modulation. What is the base oil? Base oil mainly there are two, cheaper oil use by refining the natural mineral oil and the high price of oil is by processing of synthetic oil. And by additive producers of knowledge and secrets and deployment according to performance requirements.

So, what is the mineral base oil?

Mineral base oil is mainly composed of crude oil (the main components are hydrocarbons hydrocarbons and a small amount of sulfur, chlorine, oxygen) extracted from the. Because of the different molecular structure and boiling point of crude oil are different, oil producers can use a specific temperature to carry out distillation, can be refined to mineral oil. However, the distillation and fractionation of the mineral oil because of the useless substances and the engine or environmentally harmful ingredients, must be removed by special chemical methods of unsaturated hydrocarbons, sulfur, chlorine, oxygen and other compounds.

Then, how to synthesize the base oil?

Synthetic base oil by chemical way the crude oil in small molecules, such as ethylene (C2H4) for the synthesis of a longer, more complex chemical composition structure. Because these combinations are using artificial methods to control the molecular arrangement of the length and shape, it is called a synthetic oil.

Okay, then what is the compound oil?

Composite oil is the viscosity index characteristics of oil, can be integrated with two kinds of single viscosity index of the oil characteristics. For example, SAE 15 suitable for cold weather use, SAE50 is suitable for using in hot, such as the two oil switch is used, lubrication and protection function will be greatly reduced. Composite oil can maintain a suitable oil film viscosity in two types of climate. The composite oil 15W/50 SAE, for example, will be more than SAE 50 single-stage oil in the winter with a better cold start of the car, while the SAE 15 than a single level of oil at high temperature can have a good viscosity performance.