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Traffic safety knowledge of motorcycle

2016-07-29 11:20:18

Motorcycle is an economic, convenient transportation, in line with the present situation of our country, deeply loved by the broad masses of the people, but because the motorcycle with asymmetrical for stability and driving operation site closed. Therefore, driving a motorcycle than driving other motor vehicle difficulty is big, motorcycle drivers should pay attention to driving safety, master the necessary skills of driving.

Why, driving a motorcycle to wear a safety helmet

All countries in the world are required to ride a motorcycle must wear a safety helmet, and some countries even ride a bicycle all have to wear a helmet, China's "road traffic management regulations" stipulates that driving and riding motorcycles are required to wear a helmet. Some people do not understand the security role of the helmet, a taste that police checking and correcting not wearing a helmet is looking for their trouble, purpose is to fine, but I don't know, if the police do not find it troublesome. Accidents will be looking for trouble. Traffic laws and regulations is not missed by up, but blood and life in exchange for lessons into a code of conduct, to protect people's life safety, for the happiness of your life and your family, riding a motorcycle or wear a helmet on the road again!

Two, the purchase of motorcycles

Choice of a good quality, beautiful appearance, suitable for their own motorcycle is the first step to ensure safe driving, according to the author's experience, select motorcycle should have two points: first, the brand selection. To choose reputable brands, so that the quality of the vehicle and after-sales service is guaranteed; two is the choice of models. The motorcycle has the structure of driving can enable the body to maintain balance and a parking will lose balance characteristics, so buyers should choose models suitable for their own physical condition and began learning to drive, it is best to small cars from the start.

Three, the use of motorcycles and related procedures for the license plate

The purchase of a new motorcycle vehicle management authority must pass inspection, receiving plate and driving permit, be on the road. Motorcycle license plate shall be installed at the specified position, and keep clear. The license plate and the registration shall not be lent, altered, forged or false.

Who buy second-hand motorcycle friends, must be in accordance with the provisions of the procedures for transfer, in order to prevent robbery, lost or traffic accidents and other unexpected situations to the seller and the buyer bring unnecessary disputes.

Motorcycle to carry out the annual inspection and purchase related motor vehicle insurance. In this way, when a traffic accident occurs, the personal loss can be reduced to a minimum.

In addition, motorcycle drivers should always participate in safety study, timely understanding of the relevant laws and regulations to ensure traffic safety.

Four, motorcycle driver's dress

Because the motorcycle has the characteristics of non closure of the operating site, so the driver should be based on this feature to carry out the necessary protective clothing.

Motorcycle drivers and passengers should wear a safety helmet and goggles. It is best to wear goggles brown or blue sun, prevent the bright light stimulation of the eyes from glare. But in night driving, goggles with white is appropriate, because white goggles perspective is good, and can prevent insects, dust fans eyes.

When driving a motorcycle, the driver should wear the upper body color, the goal of the apparent clothing is appropriate, should not wear cuffs too hypertrophy of the clothes, to prevent the impact of the wind blowing sleeves.

When driving a motorcycle at night, it is best to wear a reflective clothing, wearing a reflective helmet.

Driving motorcycle can not wear slippers, to prevent the operation of the phenomenon of slippage.

In order to prevent hand sweating, driving a motorcycle when the best wear cotton gloves or single leather gloves.

Winter, cold weather, motorcycle driver's dress code in order to light, tight, warm and strong protective clothing is appropriate, should pay particular attention to the selection of warm gloves and warm proof shoes and knee protected.

Five, two rounds of motorcycle driving safety inspection

Motorcycle vehicle safety inspection should be carried out before the necessary, to ensure that all parts of flexible and effective. Taking two wheeled motorcycle as an example, the following aspects should be carried out in the following aspects:

How free stroke and function of the brake lever (free stroke is about 15 - 20mm);

Whether the wheels are loose or not;

The tire pressure is suitable;

The handlebar is flexible, there are no metal wires hung, loose;

The damping effect is normal, whether the same shock about red;

All the lights are normal;

Whether the mirror has been adjusted well;

Muffler muffler effect is good, the installation is firm, no loose damage;

Exhaust emission is normal, there is no black smoke, smoke and other serious do not meet the national emission standards of the phenomenon.

Six, the safe driving speed of the motorcycle

Our country traffic regulations: motorcycles, three wheeled motorcycle in the city on the road to the maximum speed 50km / h, on the road to the maximum speed is 60km / h; portable motorcycle maximum speed is 30 km / h;

When driving on the highway, the maximum speed of the motorcycle shall not be higher than 90km / h, minimum speed of not less than 50km / h, in case of higher or lower than the provisions of the speed limit traffic signs and pavement text markers, allowing traveling at the speed of.

However, in the case of the following circumstances, the maximum speed is not allowed to exceed 20km / h:

Through the Hutong (Lane), railway crossing, road bends, narrow bridge, tunnel;

Turn around, turn, under the steep slope;

In case of wind, rain, snow, fog weather, visibility within the 30m;

When driving on ice and snow, muddy roads;

Horn, wiper failure;

When a motor vehicle (two wheels, a motorcycle, a light motorcycle is not allowed to pull the vehicle or other vehicle traction);

When entering and out of the non motorized vehicle lane.

Seven, the main points of the safety of motorcycles

Driving a motorcycle, the first to master the correct driving posture. Foot on the pedal, toes forward, knees clamping tank, palms down, light handlebar grips like forward push the cart; the body naturally relax, eyes look straight ahead.

Should always pay attention to the situation in front of the road, to see whether there are easy to slide area, prominent or damaged roads, broken stones, horizontal in the road, the road in the oil and the accumulation of small stones, etc..

Changing lanes or start, the use of the rear view mirror at any time to view the situation, to confirm the safety and then start or change lanes. No special circumstances should avoid sudden stop or slow down, so as to avoid rear end accident. Turn to slow down and turn to prevent the slowdown in the turning process.

Motorcycle although rich flexibility, but not from the middle of the running of two platoons of vehicles crossing curve or bypass, are not allowed to overtake on the right. This driving method is not only very dangerous and strain on the other drivers of vehicles, it is easy to cause the traffic accident.

In their vehicles lined up waiting for the signal lamp, motorcycle not from the middle of the two rows of the team beyond other waiting vehicles, these vehicles at any time may reach out, the door suddenly opened or vehicle swerved etc. the situation.

On the roads to lane, the motorcycle to drive in the center of the occupation of the lane, never drive in the edge part of the lane, this can prevent other vehicles from about two party crowding motorcycle driving lane, avoid and other vehicle body and rearview mirror occurred Guaceng, or other vehicle throw hit hit. At the same time, but also prevent the large vehicles beyond the motorcycle produced by blast on the motorcycle driving manipulation caused by the adverse effects. Traffic on the highway, in the most right lane on the road.

Motorcycle body position is low, in the driving and bus, large trucks and other vehicles in parallel with the body of the high level of the car often formed a blind corner, should not be large vehicle drivers found. Therefore, the motorcycle should not be close to large vehicles, should not be long distance and large vehicles in parallel.

Vehicle during cornering. The driver's line of sight is a "blind spot", not easy to pay attention to the appearance of small motorcycle, so the motorcycle meet around the car is turning a corner, the driver should drive carefully, try to stay away from the car is turning a corner.

Motorcycle traffic when and after the vehicle should be to maintain a safe distance, such as after the car too close, should change lanes or slow down, so that the trailing beyond. When driving on the highway, the normal running speed is 100km/h, the distance between the traffic should be more than l00m; when traveling speed is 70km/h, the distance should be more than 70m.

Motorcycle at night while driving should be required to use lights, to pay attention to the use of light around the car to see ahead and judge the road, such as in front of the vehicle taillights jump, then hump in the road or rugged, at this time to increase the distance with other vehicles and drive with care and.

In addition, traffic regulations, two wheeled motorcycles and light motorcycles are not allowed to tow vehicles or other vehicles.

Eight, the handling of the emergency situation of motorcycle

Tire explosion. Motorcycle tire explosion rarely make a noise, the driver should can from the operation of a motorcycle detect a tire is leaking, if front wheel "explosion" of the leak. Hand will feel very heavy, if the rear wheels "explosion" and rear part of the motorcycle around oscillating rapidly.

If in a moving tire explosion, the driver should keep calm, clenched handlebar deceleration, concentrate control handlebar, shall not use the brake, closed throttle, so that the motorcycle glides, until the speed is very slow, then moved to the roadside parking such as the explosion of the front wheel should be after the body weight as the shift; as a rear wheel "explosion", still sitting on the in situ.

Throttle blocking. Sometimes when the motorcycle driving, the driver is ready to turn off the accelerator, but found that it can not be turned, in case of this situation should immediately grasp the clutch lever, brake deceleration, off the switch, * edge parking repair.

Left and right swing. Motorcycle running at high speed, the front wheels sometimes suddenly swing. At this point, the only way is "decelerating, firmly hold the handlebars, but don't try to terminate the swing, brake can not be used, otherwise it will exacerbate the swing, slowly relax the accelerator, so the speed is reduced.

Nine, motorcycle ride and load safety knowledge

In order to carry passengers, the motorcycle must have appropriate seats, seat